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Hello, (or Awritey as I would most commonly say) my name is Darren Collins, and if your reading this, then you have stumbled across the About Me section of my website. So Welcome! I am a 21 year old actor, who is just starting their journey into the professional world of the performing arts. I love mostly everything about films and theatre., so much so that I have seen the Wolf of Wall Street over 20 times, I love everything Samuel L. Jackson, and I could probably recite Hamilton backwards at this point. I am currently based in Glasgow, and my goal is to strive towards showcasing the very best of Scottish culture within the arts.

Away from the stage and screen, I am a coffee  addict and love all things burgers. I have a passion for snooker, poker and I am quite an avid gamer. I find joy in trying out new impressions and impersonations , hence why I love stepping into characters shoes and telling their stories.

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I began my journey into the performing arts when I was at high school. Through many performances evoking The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, in National 5 Drama, to Aladdin, in Higher Drama ,to Judas from The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, which I secured an A at SCQF level 7, I started to hone my acting skills. From this, I decided to audition for my school show of All Shook Up, which landed me the role of Matilda. For playing this character I encountered many challenges. As such, since I was playing a woman’s character I was in drag.


In the meantime, I attended Glasgow Kelvin College, Springburn Campus 2018-2019 where I improved my improvisation skills through many creative lessons held by LJ and Angela, before passing with an NPA in Professional Theatre Preparation with my performance from Poll Stenham's, That Face. I gathered a hunger in performing under the pressure and in front of a packed audience. I loved the process of character building, and adrenaline rush, and so after these tasters, the next logical step was to further my education in this field. And so, I attended the BA Honours course in Performance at The University of the West of Scotland.​


From this course, I learned many valuable lessons around theoretical studies, whilst keeping my acting skills fresh. I discovered many practitioners from Stanislavski to Artaud to Brecht, from lessons delivered by Dr Steve Collins in which I continue to evolve these lessons to my ever-expanding knowledge of performing techniques. I learned a plentiful amount of voice skills for lecturer, Dr Jane Robertson, who led a monologue development course in the first year. I learned about theatre sports and duration performance from Dr James Layton who made me truly question the essence of performance. Not longer after, I collaboratively performed in a creative festival , led by Dr Henry Bell, Dr Catriona Fallow, and Dr Sofia Nakou, where I helped write and perform in a made-up story surrounding survivors trapped in a bunker, called The Confined. In my graduating year, I played Lucifer, in a devised performance from Dr Faustus, stimulated by Creative Director of the Citizens Theatre, in Glasgow, Dominic Hill. Lastly, I compiled a thesis on food perception within the performative space, supervised by Dr Steve Collins, in which I plan to adapt further. As well as this, I launched this website in gaining inspiration from Dr Stephen Langston, Linsey Todd, and Chris Grady, in which they assisted me in gaining the confidence to pursue this as a career. I am now a graduate student of the Performance Course at UWS, where I have learned an abundance of knowledge.

Throughout my creative journey, so far, I have established at networked community of fellow students and dedicated lecturers that have aided me on my career path. I hope to continue this expansion of my repertoire and network in my future endeavors, and hopefully you can see it through with me!

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